Cadena, Clochette, Keys

There are various components of any Birkin. In the Himalaya 30cm, we see a great shots of three, all in palladium-plated hardware: the “cadena”, “keys“, and “clochette”.

The clochette is the lanyard and keys cover, in this instance still made of the Himalaya Nico crocodile leather. It is often worn on the bag whether the lock is being used or not, hanging approximately 7 inches once wrapped typically around one of the handles.

The cadena (lock) is also iconic to Hermés, boasting the iconic “H” in ribbed effect on both sides. In all cases, the cadena usually is in the same palladium or gold-plated hardware, but in this case, the palladium lock is encased in more of the Himalayan Nico crocodile leather.