30CM Hermès Himalaya Birkin Niloticus

“…this bag is one of the most stunning Hermès pieces we ever laid eyes on…”

“…the Holy Grail of Birkins…”

“Himalaya” is not where this is from, it is concept and emotion.

Between the 35cm carryall and the 25cm dinner tabletop adornment, lies the 30cm quintessential day-to-night bag.

The exotic (alligator, crocodile) Birkin is reserved for only the most enthusiastic Hermes shopper. She has spent spending well over $275,000 the past two years, 80% of that in non-leather categories like apparel, bedding, jewelry, table top, and much more.

For every 100+ exotic Birkins that Hermès makes, there is only one Himalaya Nilo crocodile Birkin. Flagship Hermès stores like Beverly Hills or New York City may only get two or three a year to sell.

The Himalaya Birkins, adored in the matte leather design, come in 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm sizes, in all cases with the classic palladium hardware. In the case of Moneybags, what you are seeing is arguably the most popular, the 30cm.

Hermès takes painstaking time removing the leather’s natural pigment in order to gradate (dying) it. This gradation is designed to replicate the white, beige, and greys of the Himalaya mountain topline and snow-capping.